Joseph Self

I'm an actor!

My thoughts on this crazy business

No two shows are alike in the making. Each show is living a piece of your life in a small, unreal world with its own character and integrity; its own set of memorable experiences and incredible happenings. You begin to love and adapt to its strangeness. Dreams harden into substance. Values seen come into focus. You wish it would never end.

But the show does end. The dream world vanishes like mist before the rising sun; part of you vanishes with it. Back you fall into the real world with a thud–fagged, uneasy, jittery, difficult to get along with.

There is only one cure, a new show. A new, small, unreal world, with new visions, experiences and incredible happenings. Again you live it, adapt to it and wish it would never end. But end it does. Another part of you vanishes.

That Is Show Business